About the PEACE project

Country visit: India

AFS India is currently hosting Matylda from Poland, Priya from AFS India has been paired up with Matylada and has shared the following blog post with us:

The PEACE Project is really special for us, as we are not only one of the participants but also the hosts of the first gathering of the Project Participants. Our preparations, goes back to the time when we got to know that we would be hosting the 16 AFS colleagues/volunteers for a week and would be having one participant joining us a week before.

While preparing for the country visit schedule, we realized that visit to schools would not be possible due summer vacations in Delhi. Thus, we had to plan it in 2 cities. One of our oldest chapter-Ahmedabad) was chosen for the same. They were equally excited and thrilled to host her.

We welcomed Matylda Kasprzycka (AFS POL) at Ahmedabad on 12th June, where school visits (Anand Niketan) visits were planned and conducted.

On 15th, She arrived in the capital and her visit continued. The rest of the visit included-Meeting at the AFS National Office, one on one discussion with the Programs Team-Sending, Hosting, School, Visit to a partner organization and cultural visit.

We hope this visit of her and the interaction has created a stronger connect to the entire project, enhancing her understanding of different aspects of Indian culture, life style, education system. We believe, such an understanding of a different environment, a different culture and relating to it by being a part of it is Global Citizenship.

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Country visit: Indonesia

AFS Indonesia is currently hosting Diana from Hungary. She has been paired up with Sari, who has sent us her first impressions of her hosting experience. She has been planning the visit of Diana for the past month. Here is her perspective on the country visit in Indonesia:

Jakarta, 15 June 2017.

What an anticipation! Hosting is not my cup of tea. I did not know what to expect, or how I should arrange the country visit of my lovely partner, Diana from Hungary.  We’ve been exchanging emails for about 4 years for program purposes, it is exciting to finally meet her in person!

I wanted Diana to get a general idea on how Indonesians live, and some realities in Indonesian education and its systems. So we are able to find a host family for her to stay with, a school and a pesantren (Islamic boarding school), and a long time CPO/NGO partner, Yayasan Cipta Mandiri for her to visit. We also hosted her on an Iftar (Ramadan Dinner) at our National Office where we got a chance to sit and talk with some of our volunteers.

Today she is going to take a tour around Jakarta’s old town with a few of our youngest returnees/volunteers, experiencing touristic places and hope she will also get a chance to do some shopping. 🙂

On Friday and Saturday, we hope that Diana will also get a chance to see how we work with volunteers, conducting training for Group Leaders, and observe how we do our Re-Entry Orientation (even for only half a day).

Stay tuned for our complete story!

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Country visit: Malaysia

Gilda from Italy and Anne from Austria are currently in Malaysia for the PEACE project. They have been paired up with Farah and Sophie from AFS Malaysia. Together they will visit chapters and schools and talk about Global Citizenship. Here is what they are writing about their experience:

After our long flights from Bologna (For Gilda) and Vienna (for Anne) to Kuala Lumpur we have been warmly welcomed by Farah and Sophie, our partners from AFS Malaysia.

We both spent the last weeks before departure trying to finish all the work back at the office, preparing the logistics and the content of our visit, rushing from one PPT to another one…but it was not until we boarded our planes that we stopped for a minute to think about how our 2 weeks in Asia would have been, what our fears and expectations were. We have both been to Asia before, but none of us has ever had the chance to visit Malaysia nor to experience the life of a Malaysian family.

We both shared our feeling “nervous” about the experience, about the “un-known”,  about the people we were going to meet, the host families we were going to live with, the schools we were going to visit… Until Anne says out loud that every years thousands of 15 to 17 y.o. Students feel the same while embarking on their experience of a lifetime!


We are thinking and worrying about the heat, about not knowing where we are going to stay and the people we are going to meet, not knowing if we are the right people to work and develop a program on such an extensive and important topic: Global Citenzenship.

We are thinking and being excited about the discovery of a new land.

We can’t wait to meet the colleagues or volunteers we have worked with so far or at least that we know working and volunteering with our same passion every single day.

We are enthusiastic about the idea that we will be in the country to experience what the Ramadan means to the Muslim community.

As we start walking around the streets of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  already looks to us like an incredible mosaic of cultures, religions, tastes, colours…

It sounds like brainstorming and discussing about Global Citizenship in such an environemnt, in such and inclusive and tolerant country would come naturally….

We leave you with our first picture under the Twin Towers in KL but stay tuned for the next post so we can tell you more about our visit…

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Country visit: Philippines

Torsten representing AFS Germany is currently in the Philippines for the PEACE project. He has been paired up with Janica from AFS Philippines. Together they explore Global Citizenship in the Philippines and Germany. Here is the first blog post we received from Torsten:

Good morning from the Philippines!

Today we start into our first official day of the study visit. I am super excited to meet with schools, NGOs, the German Embassy and of course the staff of AFS Philippines.

You probably wonder what I did yesterday? Well, yesterday we celebrated the 119th Philippine Independence Day! We did some touring around the city, Janica showed me around the city. We visited Rizal Park – a monument of a national hero. Some fresh buko juice helped me surviving the humidity and the 33 Celsius.

The people here are super friendly and hospitable. I’m looking forward to the coming days.

See you soon in India!

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AFS PEACE project

The AFS PEACE project is a 2 year project funded by Erasmus+ and aims at developing a new sustainable 3-month secondary school exchange programme between Asia and Europe called PEACE (Peace in Europe and Asia through global Citizenship Education) which recognizes non-formal learning. In addition, the project aims at strengthening the volunteer force which supports the programme, empowering them to take ownership of the PEACE Program and making the volunteers themselves active global citizens.